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On-site Medical Coverage

Wrist Brace

On-Site Medical Coverage

We are Canadian Red Cross Certified First Responders with many years of experience working in the field with a number of different teams and competitive levels. We are trained in fracture management, airway management, AED application, spinal injury assessment and management, and can assess musculoskeletal injuries to determine if it is safe and appropriate for an athlete to return to play, taking the pressure off team and event staff. Working within the scope of athletic therapy, we at Rebound Athletic Therapy can provide first responder and athletic therapy coverage at your sporting event or venue by request.

Some of the events that we have provided on-site medical coverage in the past include:

  • Football Nova Scotia Provincial and National events 

  • Hockey Canada World Jr A Challenge 

  • Football Canada International events

  • Canadian Soccer Association National "B" Coaching Course

  • Valley Wildcats Hockey Club

  • Motocross (Mill Hill)

  • Rugby Canada Regional Identification Camp

What you can expect from Francisco Sports Therapy at your event

  • Full emergency action plan specific to the event including assigned roles to event officials for efficient management of any emergency 

  • Pre-event prophylactic/injury management taping and bracing 

  • On field injury assessment and return to play decisions

  • Post-event injury management and followup advice and a full report of injuries and conditions to appropriate officials (where required)

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