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Rapid Neurofascial Reset

Physical Therapy Session

What is Rapid Neurofascial Rest?

Athletic Therapy is a dedicated health care profession specializing in physically active individuals of all ages and competitive levels, regardless of sport or activity. Anyone can be an athlete, whether your “sport” is high-level hockey, Sunday afternoon gardening, or both!  A Certified Athletic Therapist focuses on the prevention of injury through musculoskeletal and postural evaluation, prophylactic taping and bracing applications, appropriate equipment selection and fitting, designing and implementing effective and specific warm-up and cool down routines, generating activity and sport specific conditioning programs. An athletic therapist uses an individual-centered approach in assessing your injury and with your specific goals in mind, works with you to design a rehabilitation program catered to your unique abilities, your body, and your everyday life. Using a basic but extremely effective rehabilitation model, an athletic therapist will guide your system down the right path to encourage a speedy recovery. 


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